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Invest in ASU Engineering

Scholarships and Fellowships

Advancing Women in Construction (Core Women’s Leadership Award)
Albert L. McHenry Scholarship for College of Technology and Innovation Students
Ames Family Scholarship
Amy Geiser and Kent Geiser Honorary Scholarship
Andrew Hanneman Scholarship
Angela Renee LaClair Memorial Scholarship
Argyro Lalos Family Endowed Scholarship
Arizona Society of Civil Engineers (AzSCE) Scholarship
Arlo Richardson Scholarship
Associated Minority Contractors of America New American University Scholarship
ASU A.G.C. Construction Scholarship
ASU Thunderbird Pilot – John Swope Scholarship
ASU Thunderbird Pilots Scholarship
Barrett Electronic Materials Fellowship
Beavers Heavy Construction Scholarship
Ben C. Griggs Memorial Scholarship
Bert Keats Fellowship
Betty Hum Graduate Assistantship
Bill and Corinne Hochgraef Scholarship
Biomedical Engineering Scholarship
Blowers Engineering Scholarship
Boeing Scholarship
Briston Veteran Advancement Scholarship
Carl L. and Jean Wolcott Meng Memorial Scholarship
Carter Opportunity Scholarships
CFMA – Valley of the Sun Chapter – Joseph J. Quigley Memorial Scholarship
Charles and Nancy O’Bannon Scholarship
Charles and Nancy O’Bannon Scholarship for Construction
Chemical and Materials Engineering Scholarships
Chris Fleenor Six Sigma Certification Endowment
Chuck and Jane Humble Academic Scholarship
Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering General Scholarship
Coleman Daniel and Zina Kuhn Memorial Scholarship
College of Technology and Applied Sciences Scholarship
Contour Sales Corporation Scholarship
Craig and Barbara Barrett Engineering Scholarship
CREATE Fellowship in Advanced Technology Facilities
Currie Family Incentive Scholarship
D.L. Withers Construction Scholarship
Daniel and Katherine Mardian Scholarship
Daniel Noble Memorial Scholarship
Daniel Zusman Scholarship for Excellence
Darryl E. Metzger Memorial Fellowship
Dave Clifton Memorial and ASPE Chapter 6 Scholarship
David Buchanan/Three-Five Systems National Merit Scholarship
David J. and Mary F. Dacquino Scholarship
Dean’s Advisory Council Scholarship
Del E. Webb Foundation Finance and Accounting Scholarship
Del E. Webb Foundation Graduate Student Fellowship
Del E. Webb Foundation Undergraduate Student Scholarship
Del E. Webb Foundation Women in Construction Scholarship
Del E. Webb Memorial Scholarship
Del E. Webb School of Construction Scholarship
Desert Schools Federal Credit Union – Michael J. Konen Engineering Scholarship
DeTommaso Endowment for Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering New American University Scholarship
Donald Kelley Scholarship in Technology
Douglas C. Montgomery Fund
Douglas R. Lowe Scholarship
Dr. James W. Turnbow Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Lee P. Thompson Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Matthew W. Witczak Scholarship
Dr. Mikel J. Harry Six Sigma Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Ronald E. Thomas and Sharon W. Thomas Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering Graduate Fellowship
Dr. Russ Biekert Scholarship
Dr. Sandra L. Weber Memorial Scholarship
Dusan Krajcinovic and Family Scholarship
Ed Denison Memorial Scholarship
Ed McBrien Memorial Scholarship
Edd and Gail Gibson Maroon and Gold Leaders Scholarship
EDGE3 Technologies
Edward and Amelia Kavazanjian Fellowship
Edward E. Francisco, Jr. Scholarship
Edwin and Kay Pulchinski Scholarship for Engineering
Elyse and Paul Johnson Maroon and Gold Scholarship
Engineering Diversity Scholarship
Engineering Scholarship
Eric and Jennifer Butler New American University Scholarship
Eric and Kristina Petrie Scholarship
Ernest and Carolyn Hirata Scholarship
Excellence in Engineering Leadership Scholarship
Ferdinand A. Stanchi Scholarship
FNF Construction, Inc. Scholarship
Ford Undergraduate Engineering Scholarship
Frank M. Chandler Memorial Scholarship
FSW – Women in STEM Scholarship
Fulton Fellowship
Future Engineering Business Leaders Scholarship (FEBL)
Garmin Scholarship Fund
Gary and Diane Tooker Scholarship for Engineering
Gerald Farin Memorial Scholarship
Gerald J. Glover Memorial Scholarship for Electrical Engineering
Gerald T. Heydt Scholarship for Power Engineering
Gorur Family Award
Grand Canyon Airlines Scholarship
Han Hartjens Scholarship
Harold and Lucille Dunn Memorial Engineering Scholarship
Harrington Bioengineering Department Scholarship
Harry A. Findor/O’Neil Printing Scholarship
Hedrick Foundation Scholarship
Herbold ASU Graduate Engineering Scholarship
Industrial Engineering Hall of Honor Scholarship
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and Daniel J. Nelson Scholarship
International Switching Symposium Fellowship
International Switching Symposium Scholarship
Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering Alumni Scholarship
Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering Scholarships and Fellowships
James and Petra Bailey Scholarship/Fellowship
James F. Golder Memorial Scholarship
James Fann Memorial Scholarship
James Grose New American University Scholarship
James M. Lommen Chemical Engineering Scholarship
Jan Bennett Scholarship
Jan Tuma Memorial Scholarship/Fellowship
Jason McElroy Memorial Scholarship
Jerry King Scholarship
Jim and Beverly Wolfe Memorial Scholarship
Jim Bebout Scholarship
Jodie Filardo Scholarship
John A. and Helen R. Butler Memorial Scholarship in Industrial Engineering
John F. Kelly Memorial Bioengineering Scholarship
John G. Colton Construction Study Fund
Joseph A. Barkson Fellowship
Joseph and Sandra Palais Awards
Joyce Corrigan Scholarship for Women in Aviation
Kenneth R. & Kathryn R. Geiser Memorial Scholarship
L. Thomason Flight School Scholarship
L.C. Jacobson Graduate Fellowship
Larry Truitt Memorial Scholarship
LaVeda Carpenter Native American Scholarship Initiative
Lt. Douglas and David McMath Flight Scholarship
Luis Orlando Corrales First Generation Engineering Scholarship
M. M. Lowry Memorial Scholarship
Maria T. Postacchini Memorial Scholarship
Marilyn and James A. Schmidlin New American University Scholarship
Mark Kerrigan Humanitarian Engineering Fellowship
Martin H. Rosness Memorial Scholarship
Marvin Sheldon Memorial Scholarship
Mechanical and Aerospace 4+1 Fellowship
Melcher Scholarship in Electrical Engineering
Michelle Chaudoin Scholarship
Mohammed Fazle Rabbi and Rukhsana Wahhab Fellowship
MOOG Scholars
Motorola Embedded Systems Scholarship
National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) Arizona Section Scholarship
Native American Construction Management Scholarship
Nellie Jean Randle Scholarship
ON Semiconductor Engineering Scholarship
Opus West Construction Corporation Undergraduate Scholarship
Orbital Sciences Corporation – Women in STEM Scholarship
Pamela and Jack Saltich Fellowship
Panhuise Engineering Scholarship
Paragon Structural Design, Inc. Scholarship
Paul and Dorothy Young Dean’s Enhancement and Innovation Fund
PENTA Building Group, Inc. Scholarship
Peter E. Crouch Excellence Fund
Peter Stein Measurement Engineering Scholarship
Philip and Laura Wolfe Scholarship
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Air Transportation Management Scholarship.
Phoenix/Scottsdale Groundwater Contamination Scholarship for Environmental Science
Polytechnic School Scholarship
Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation (PGSF) Scholarship
Pulte Home Corporation Scholarship
R. Glen Schoeffler Scholarship
Ralph and Lois Elsner Engineering Scholarship for Native American Students
Renee and Arthur Horowitz Scholarship
Richard Mettler Residential Graduate Scholarship
Richard R. Simari Memorial Scholarship
Robert H. Chamberlain Memorial Scholarship
Robert H. Johnson Undergraduate Scholarship
Robert J. Wheeler Memorial Scholarship
Rod J. McMullin SRP Water Resource Scholarship
Ron Pratte Scholarship
Sabrina Pina Engineering Scholarship
Samuel E. Craig Memorial Scholarship
Samuel F. Kitchell Undergraduate Leadership Scholarship
Scholarship for Merit in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy Scholarship
School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering Scholarship
School of Materials Scholarship
Science, Math and Engineering Competition Award (SMECA)
Society of Manufacturing Engineers Chapter 67 Scholarship
Srinivasan R. Iyer Family New American University Scholarship
St. Clair Technologies Scholarship
Stanford B. Roper – Thunderbird Pilots Scholarship
Stanley and Grace Carson Endowment
Stanley C. and Helen K. Delpier Scholarship
Stanley Duke Applied Science Award
State Farm Scholars Program
Stephanie A. Lahti Memorial Scholarship
Stephen and Therese Pisarcik Scholarship
Structural Engineers Association of Arizona Scholarship
Sue Fogler Memorial Scholarship
Sun Angel Funk Scholarship
Suntec Concrete Scholarship
Tau Alpha Pi Scholarship
Team DSC Excellence in Craftsmanship Scholarship
Ted Thal American Society for Quality Scholarship
Tempe Union High School District Scholarships
Terry Bourland Memorial New American University Scholarship
Texas Instruments Scholar
Theodore Allen Memorial Scholarship
Tom and JoAnn Prescott New American University Scholarship
Vernon L. Hastings Undergraduate Achievement Award
Volker & Lynne Sonntag Bioengineering Scholarship
W. Dillard “Pic” Walker Scholarship
W. L. Gore and Associates, Inc. 4+1 Applied Project Scholarship
W. L. Gore and Associates, Inc. Undergraduate Research Scholarship
Walter C. Brown Fund
Westwood Scholars
Wilbur Power Scholarship
William A. Pulice Scholarship
William Zink Engineering Scholarship