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Invest in ASU Engineering

Your support of the Fulton Schools helps us attract, retain and inspire great students to pursue their dreams, and help us in our pursuit of the discoveries, innovations and solutions to society’s challenges. Whether you invest in students, faculty, research or one of the many innovative initiatives that make up the Fulton Difference, you are an integral part of our ability to build the engineering school of the future.


Our innovative freshman orientation, E2, is an integral part of our student success strategy. The orientation was designed to create a strong sense of community for our incoming Fulton Schools class and reinforce core concepts of team building and problem solving. In 2008, the first year that E2 was initiated, 665 freshmen attended—and were retained at a rate of 86.7 percent, the highest retention rate at ASU that year. Consistent with our growing enrollment, more than 2,100 freshmen are expected to attend E2 in Fall 2017. Funding for this program helps ensure that all of our talented students have the opportunity to get off to a successful start.

Student teams, competitions and organizations

Through more than 50 Fulton Schools student organizations, our students find a place to bridge the gap between the classroom and workplace. Under the guidance of faculty advisors, students gain valuable leadership and organizational skills. These organizations offer the opportunity for students to pursue additional real-world, hands-on experience. Funding helps them offset expenses for supplies, travel and competition costs. Over the years, our students have brought home top honors at some of the most prestigious national and international technology competitions.

Student experiences

We strive to provide students with the resources to carve out their own unique educational experience. Many choose undergraduate research—not a common option at most engineering schools and one of the top reasons cited for choosing the Fulton Schools. Others pursue our entrepreneurial programs, forming companies and real solutions before graduation. We are also part of the Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) network, giving our student the opportunity to affect meaningful change  for nonprofits worldwide.

Faculty chairs

Endowed chairs are prestigious academic positions that honor and recognize scholarly excellence. An endowed chair represents an opportunity to attract an internationally acclaimed teacher and scholar who will help build an outstanding program. Proceeds from the endowment provide permanent funding to support the research and teaching activities of the distinguished faculty recruited to hold such a position.

Scholarships and fellowships

Competitive scholarships and fellowships help attract and retain outstanding engineering students and support them in their pursuit of a degree. Rising enrollment and costs of attending ASU increase the need for student support. The estimated annual cost, including tuition, room and board, books, supplies and personal expenses is approximately $25,500 for in-state students and $38,000 for non-Arizona residents. Many of our top students have benefitted from not only the generous support to fund their education, but have taken away the importance of giving back and gone on to help others achieve their educational and career objectives.