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Invest in ASU Engineering


Advanced Energy Technology Professorship
Avnet Supply Chain Networks Professorship
William W. Badger Endowed Lecturer in Leadership Commercial Building Education Fund
Del E. Webb Eminent Scholars
Del E. Webb Endowment Fund (Academic Programs)
Del E. Webb Industry Outreach
Aaron V. Donnelly Teaching Award
Ira A. Fulton Chair
Ira A. Fulton Professorship
Galvin Professor of Science and Engineering
Harrington Endowed Chair
Heavy Construction Education Fund
EM Hoque Geotechnical Laboratories
IEEE Communications Society Phoenix
ISS Award
ISS Endowed Telecom Professors
Daniel Jankowski Endowment
Edward Kavazanjian Geotechnical Fund
Kmetty Family Innovation Fund for Undergraduate Civil Engineering Programs
Lamonte H. Lawrence Chair in Solid State Science
Lincoln Professorship
Motorola Professor of RF/Mixed Signal Design
Motorola Professor of Wireless Communication
Motorola Professorship in Manufacturing Systems
Olin Endowed Chair
Dr. Joseph C. Palais Distinguished Faculty Award
Performance Based Studies Research
A. Alan B. Pritsker Teaching Excellence Award in Industrial Engineering
Dean Rasmussen Professorship in Heavy Construction Research Endowment
Ronald and Cynthia Rodgers Schroder Research Fund
Richard Snell Presidential Chair (CEE)
Sundt Construction Professorship in Alternative Delivery & Sustainable Development
Sunstate Equipment Endowed Chair
The Beavers Heavy Construction Chair in honor of Bill Ames & Wink Ames
The Phoenix/Scottsdale Groundwater Contamination Endowment for Research on the Risks and Mitigation of Chemical Releases to the Environment
Truet B. Thompson Professorship
Diane and Gary Tooker Chair for Effective Education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)
Diane and Gary Tooker Professorships for Effective Education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)
Matthew Witczak Faculty Endowment